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Native Americans believed that rabbits were connected to the deity that created the world.  In Japanese folklore, rabbits lived on the moon.  In Africa, the rabbit represents the ultimate jokester.  In America, the rabbit is glorified as a sneaky “Easter Bunny” who leaves treats for boys and girls each spring.  No matter why you love rabbits, you will find lots of information on them here at KOHBunny.com.  From scientific facts to studies conducted in research labs, we cover all of the latest news related to rabbits.  You will even find some fun stories of rabbit lovers around the world who are breeding new furry friends to share.  Are you ready to learn more about bunnies?  Okay, let’s hop to it…


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Are you thinking about adopting a rabbit?  Congratulations!  Rabbits make great pets and you have plenty of breeds to choose from.  There are more than 40 different breeds that have been recognized by scientists and they vary is color, fur length, and size.  The tiniest rabbits weigh in at only 2 pounds and the hefty ones can be over 10 pounds.

One of the biggest questions you will face in choosing a rabbit is which gender you should buy.  Depending on which breeder you talk to, you will get various opinions.  Most of the time, female rabbits are very temperamental.  If she isn’t spayed, she will often bite or be aggressive, even when you do daily care.  She might nip at you when you reach in the cage to feed her.  If you aren’t going to breed your rabbit, a female can be spayed which will help her have a more even temperament. Male rabbits are not usually aggressive.  However, much like male puppies, they will spray urine if they are not neutered.  Ultimately, the rabbit’s behavior will just depend on the personality of that particular behavior.  There are no guarantees.

You should also consider grooming when choosing your pet rabbit.  Angoras and Jersey woolies have longer hair and will need extra care when it comes to grooming.  Some other breeds won’t need to be brushed as often and will require less daily care.

The best thing you can do is to actually observe the rabbit before you purchase it.  Talk with breeders in your area.  Check out the conditions where the rabbit is visiting.  Ask to hold the rabbit and watch how it reacts when the cage is opened.  Does it nip?  Is it eager to be held or skittish?  Choose a rabbit that eagerly comes to the door, seeking out attention and love.  Some will even start to grunt in their happiness to be held!  If the rabbit retreats to the back of the cage when it’s opened, then it is probably not going to have a good social temperament.

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I am sure if you have read the newspaper or seen magazine adds lately you have read something about electronic cigarettes. This is because electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular and are starting to take over the smoking world as we know it.

Electronic cigarettes are a much healthier form of smoking because they allow the smoker to have all the same sensations as they have with smoking traditional cigarettes without all the harsh chemicals and tobacco that have been known to cause cancer as well as other horrible diseases. When you smoke an electronic cigarette you are not actually smoking but rather what they call ‘vaping’. An electronic cigarette is really just a small vaporizer that is used to enjoy breathing in wonderful flavors that so many people are beginning to enjoy.

Of course if you would prefer to stick with your traditional tobacco flavoring you can do that as well because electronic cigarette companies have included tobacco flavor as one of the choices in flavorings.

Using electronic cigarettes in place of your traditional tobacco cigarettes is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you have been smoking for a long time, it is likely that those around you have become use to you smelling like a cigarette and use to your clothes smelling like it too. When you smoke or “vape” rather, electronic cigarettes you will not be covered from head to toe with the nasty smell of cigarettes. You may find that you have the faint smell of whatever flavor electronic cigarette you are smoking but you will not have that horribly strong tobacco smell following you around everywhere. According to Ever Smoke reviews, this is one of the most substantial benefits of switching to e-cigs.

Also your second hand smoke will no longer harm your friends and loved ones. This is because electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and do not produce second hand smoke. As I said before, if one of your friends comes up to you while you are using your electronic cigarette he or she may be able to smell the faint scent of the current flavor you are using but they will not be turned away by any second hand smoke. This is good news for you and your friends because you will no longer have to leave the room when you want to smoke, you can stay and enjoy the company of those whom you love.

If you have smoked traditional cigarettes for a while you are likely to have suffered in your breathing. Let that be a thing of the past and begin to breathe easier by letting electronic cigarettes replace your tobacco cigarette. You and those around you will be glad you did. You will be doing your lungs a favor as well! Learn more about the best electronic cigarettes by reading Electronic Cigarettes Reviews. Start with the new V2 Cig Reviews at ECR or the popular South Beach Smoke reviews.

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In the past ten years or so, more and more people have become interested in the concept of raising their own food. Most start with a garden. If you find you enjoy gardening and want to start producing meat for your table, rabbits are a good place to start. There’s a perfectly good reason you should start raising rabbits rather than chickens. Rabbits are easier, making them a much better choice for beginner homesteaders.

Unlike chickens, rabbits are quiet, so they won’t upset your neighbors who might get angry when they listen to a rooster crow at all hours of the day and night. Rabbits also smell better which your neighbors will appreciate. Rabbits tend to be a great deal cleaner than chickens. You can even teach your rabbits to use litter boxes which are easy to clean up and won’t attract insects to your yard. Just make sure you empty the litter boxes into your compost pile once a day.

Rabbits are easy to handle. Provided you start working with your rabbits when they are young, you won’t have to worry about them biting or scratching you. In most cases, your rabbits will docile enough that even your very young children can handle them without any trouble.

Rabbits grow up fast. A few months after you have acquired the young rabbits, they’ll be big enough for you to slaughter them. The quick maturity rate allows you to keep your time and financial investment minimal.

If you enjoy raising your first meat rabbits, you can hold onto a buck and doe and breed them, which is a sustainable method for getting another crop of rabbits to feed your family.

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We were recently looking for a pet for our children, and after doing some research, we decided to get a rabbit. We have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to care for, and how much we enjoy having one as a pet!

Our rabbit stays mainly outdoors, which is what most people do with their pet rabbits. We built a small run and fenced area for our rabbit, with a hutch where he can have some room to run, and also enjoy eating fresh grass and leaves. We do feed him rabbit feed from the co-op, but we also give him things like romaine lettuce, carrots, and bits of apple. He enjoys the fresh air, but also has a spot in his fenced area where he can get out of the elements. It’s also big enough that the kids can get in there and play with him as well.

Sometimes, if the temperatures are really cold, we do bring him indoors for the night. The kids love having him inside, and tossing toys to him and playing with him. Since we got him when he was a baby, he has always been used to being handled, and enjoys being held.

Another bonus to having a rabbit: the rabbit poop has been amazing for our garden and flower beds. We couldn’t buy better store bought fertilizer.

Having a rabbit has also been good for the kids to take responsibility for caring for a pet. They take turns putting fresh hay in his hutch, and making sure he has food and water every day. They really enjoy having him as a pet as well, and he has been a good fit for our family.

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Rabbits are a great pet choice for children. They’re friendlier than cats and lower maintenance than most dogs. Best of all, the first pet rabbit could create an interest in raising rabbits as 4-H projects which teaches your child how to be financially practical. There are a few breeds of rabbits that are better suited for beginners.

Mini-Rex – You’re going to be hard pressed to find a breed that’s better than the mini-rex. Even as an adult, the breed is quite small, making it easy for even a young child to handle. The breed require minimal grooming and has a very docile personality.

Dutch Rabbits – Dutch rabbits are another wonderful choice when you’re just starting out. Your child will love the fact that they come in a variety of colors and are patterned to look like an oreo cookie.

No matter which breed you select, rabbits take time and effort. Whether you want to raise them for fun, the sell, or to eat, you should keep a close eye on these animals at all times. If you are planning to breed them, spend some time visiting a veterinarian and find out what to expect and how to care for a pregnant rabbit and eventually how to help her during delivery if an emergency happens. Take the time to get educated before you begin. Check out books at the library, visit a local farm, or talk to experienced rabbit breeders to get insider tips to make your rabbit raising journey a lot easier from the start.

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Many people enjoy the pastime of raising different types of animals. Some people enjoy the more regular animals such as cows and horses while other people will become more adventurous and they will seek to raise animals such as rabbits. This can be a fun time in the life of the budding farmer but there are many things that you need to consider when raising animals. So in order to give you a more well rounded knowledge of the potential issues you might face as well as the best way to raise these animals, here is a quick guide to raising rabbits. We will not cover every single detail but you will be given the basics of what you need to know.

First, Rabbits need to have a proper pin for living. They cannot be left to run wild because they will run off and other animals will certainly target them. The best types of pins will have the rabbits 3-4 feet off the ground, preferably at chest level to an adult. The cage needs to be made fro ma solid wood frame but it needs to be covered in wire. This will allow the rabbits to release their urine and feces without any issues. Second, make sure the rabbits are separated. They will mate as often as possible so it is always a good idea to keep the females separated from the males. Finally, rabbits need to have a fresh supply of water at all times. They are very thirsty animals and you need to make sure you have a water bottle for them that is easily accessible. Follow thee rabbit guidelines and you will be well on your way to having a mini farm.

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pn软件Angora rabbits are a breed of rabbit that’s believed to have originated in Turkey. They are easily recognized by their thick, long, silky hair coat. What’s great about the hair is that it can be shorn off and knitted into mohair sweaters, scarves, and gloves. You can choose to sell the raw mohair, or you can knit the products and sell them. Considering the demand for mohair, you should be able to cover your expenses and even make a little extra cash.

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Make sure there is a market for the mohair you’ll be producing. Luckily, the internet means you can sell to buyers who don’t live nearby.

While they’re not expensive, you should know that raising angora rabbits for their fur is a great deal of work. The long hair tangles and snarls so you will have to brush your rabbit at least once a day and since making any money from the hair requires that you own a few rabbits, the amount of time you spend brushing the animals really adds up.

You will also need to provide your rabbits with a place to live. The best set up requires a cage that’s in a predator safe place, a small run where they can exercise and eat grass, and a shelter in the run.

The best way to decide if raising angora rabbits is a business venture you’ll love is starting out with one rabbit, getting a feel for them, and gradually adding a few more.

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I have to admit that I have been reading that title for about 10 minutes now and I am still laughing. It almost comes across as a stretch. In fact, there are some people that might think the whole idea of raising rabbits and reading Churnmag is dumb. Here is the real truth. There are a lot of similarities between the two. In fact, I was recently reading an article on the Churnmag site that was talking about rabbits. Does that sound hard to believe? Well it isn’t. So I would like to share with you the ultimate truth about raising rabbits. But there is a whole different level to raising rabbits that I was never aware of. Churnmag recently led with an article about the dangers of smoking and the issues that it creates for rabbits. That is why I want to share this information with you.

The first thing that the Churnmag site led with was the number of people that raise rabbits in the United States. It is estimated that there are over 7.342 millions people that are raising rabbits right now in this country. Of those people it is also estimated that 60% are smokers. I am not sure how Churnmag was able to get this kind of information but apparently it has something to do with the types of disease that the rabbits are getting. This also comes from reports in the veterinarian community. I have stated all of this for the simple reason of saying that smoking is bad for you as well as your rabbits. You might not realize that your rabbits are in danger from second hand smoke but they are. In research conducted in Europe it has been determined that animals are much more susceptible to second hand smoke than humans.

Churnmag then went into a new direction. I was not aware that smoking tobacco around your rabbits could lead to a lower yield in rabbit babies but apparently it is possible. If you are raising your rabbits for food or even for profit then you need to make sure that you are getting the most rabbits possible. Why would you do anything that could harm your rabbits or decrease the number of babies that they could have? Churnmag does have an alternative for the smokers that are currently smoking and raising rabbits at the same time. The best alternative is an electronic cigarette.

Ecigs have zero tobacco and they produce zero smoke. This makes them a much safer alternative for those of us that are raising rabbits. I know that I made the switch after reading the Churnmag article and I must admit that my rabbits seem to be a much happier species now. Who would have thought this was possible? I am thankful to the kind people of Churnmag for sharing this important information with me and saving the lives of my rabbits.

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3 Reasons to Start Raising Rabbits

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When I was a kid, I always wanted a pet rabbit, but my parents always refused to buy me one. So when my own daughter started asking for a rabbit, I decided that it might be the perfect opportunity to finally have the pet bunny I always dreamed of. I started doing some research to learn more about raising rabbits and I soon learned that there was actually quite a bit of work involved. Raising rabbits is about more than just having a new furry friend in your home. There are quite a few advantages! If you are debating whether or not to try raising rabbits, here are three reasons why I would encourage you to give it a try.

First, rabbits make great pets. With proper care and training, they can be wonderful and cuddly companions for children. In fact, a rabbit can even be trained to use a litter box like a cat. Children love rabbits and breeding them gives you a great opportunity to learn about science along the way.

Second, rabbits are a great resource for homesteading and preparedness. If you are a prepper, then you probably already think about how to provide food for your family if the grid fails. Raising rabbits gives you an added food source in the event of a horrible disaster where traditional forms of buying food are no longer available.

Third, rabbits can provide you with a steady stream of secondary income. Many people purchase pet rabbits and you could sell them from your own rabbit farm. The perfect time to sell baby rabbits is right around Easter when kids around the country are begging mom and dad to give them a bunny of their very own.

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Tips For Protecting Your Garden From Rabbits


通过什么软件可伍翻到国外We have all heard the story of Peter rabbit and how he got into Mr. Mcgregors garden. In this article I am going to give you a few tips of how to keep Peter and other rabbits out of your garden this summer. Gardens are a lot of work and can reap a huge harvest for you and your family if we are smart about keeping the critters out of it.

A good and easy way to keep rabbits out of your garden is by placing old fashion pinwheels around the garden. The noise of the pinwheel as well as the motion of it will keep rabbits from entering your garden. Rabbits are easily spooked and don’t want anything to do with something like a pinwheel. You can purchase pinwheels at your local party store or you can make your own out of soda cans or something like that. Whichever you decide, you will be able to keep those pesky little critters from eating up all your goods.

Another tip for keeping Peter and other rabbits out of your garden is hot pepper spray. You will need to be sure to reapply the hot pepper spray however each time it rains because it will be washed away and won’t do you much good. If you are vigilant about reapplying after each rain you will be happy to know that you won’t have a rabbit problem anymore.

Another good way to keep rabbits out of your garden this summer is moth balls. I recently put moth balls all around my house to keep snakes at bay and they will do the same for you when it comes to getting the rabbits out of your garden.

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Why You Should Rethink Rabbits As Easter Pets

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pn软件This is the time of year that many folks get the crazy idea in their head to purchase a bunny rabbit for their kids Easter present. I would highly recommend that you do some research about rabbits before deciding to have one as a pet. One thing you may not know about rabbits is that they are quite messy. Sure they are cute and some may even be cuddly but they are not all the same. If you have a very young child, it is likely that getting a rabbit for a pet is going to be more than any of you bargained for. Not all rabbits are as tame as the pet store owner would like you to believe. Many of them don’t like to be held and WILL bite if they are messed with too much.

I would suggest that if your child is begging for an Easter bunny this Easter that you take him or her to the mall to sit on the Easter bunnies lap instead of buying them a rabbit. You can also read stories to your child about rabbits such as Peter Rabbit. There are many classic tales about rabbits that can be fun to share with your child.

If your child still insists on getting a bunny rabbit, perhaps you can find a friend or family member that has one that will let you borrow it for a few days. It is my guess that unless your child just likes a lot of extra work, it won’t take them long to figure out that a rabbit for Easter isn’t such a good idea after all. If you are lucky and have a truly devoted and loyal child, they may like having a rabbit, you just never know.

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If you haven’t yet tried to meditate, it’s something you should include on your list of activities to try. Benefits get from meditating include:

• A release of all negative energy

• Improved cognitive function

• Boosted creative powers

• An ability to cope with things like addiction and eating disorders

• A better sense of self.

Once you start to meditate, you’ll be glad you decided to try, though there are some things you will need to keep in mind.

Don’t Expect Instant Success

The purpose of meditation is to train your mind to basically shut off for a period of time so that you can enjoy being connected with your innermost self. When you finish meditating, you should feel more centered and relaxed. The mistake most people make is assuming that they will feel different as soon as they start meditating. That’s not the way it works.

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Create the Right Mood

Although there are some people who seem to be able to mediate anywhere, that’s a rare thing. What you need to do is to convert a small corner of your home into your meditation corner. Place some soft colored pillows on the floor and make sure you have a CD player and home incense burner nearby. When you decide it’s time to meditate, you should light some home mad hatter incense: lavender, vanilla, and Nag Champa are really good choices for mediations, and put on some soft, instrumental music. The music, the home incense, and the quiet location all act as tools your mind uses to relax. It won’t take long before you to start relaxing as soon as you walk into your meditation corner.

Take Care When Choosing Your Meditation Time

Even though you might feel like you need a meditation break in the middle of the afternoon on a day when your kids don’t have school, you have to ask yourself if this is really the best time for you to retreat to your meditation corner. Will you really be able to relax? Probably not. Even if you can zone out everything going on around you, the odds are pretty good that you will get interrupted. In order to get the most out of your meditation, pick a time when there won’t be any distractions and you truly feel free to let go of everything. And, make sure you shut off your cell phone.

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3 Reasons To Raise Rabbits

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Animals are often thought of as purely pets. However there are some animals that have multiple purposes. For instance, a horse can be a great pet but it is also a great worker. The same could be said for a mule or a donkey. Dogs are great pets but they are also great hunters. So when it comes to animals there are usually multiple purposes that they could serve. Rabbits are great animals that have multiple purposes. The following list will highlight 3 main reasons that you might consider for raising rabbits. These three reasons will not necessarily be in a specific order but they will expose some of the things that you need to keep in mind when dealing with rabbits.

First, rabbits are great companions that love to interact and they love to be handled. They are very soft and very cuddly so your children will certainly love to spend time with them. Plus, they are very friendly when they are raised from babies. Second, rabbits are great investments. There are many people all over the world that like to purchase rabbits. Some will purchase them for pets and others will purchase them for there mating rituals. Still others will purchase them for a different reason all-together and that leads us to point number three. Rabbits are great for meat. The meat of a rabbit is very nutritious and very flavorful. There are many people that sell rabbits simply for the meat. If you are a prepper, or someone that likes to keep a good amount of meat in the freezer, rabbit meat is great meat to use. It keeps for long periods of time and it is very easy to prepare and cook.

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How To Build A Rabbit Cage

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The materials you will need for your cage are very basic. Depending on the size of your cage you might need more materials then what s listed. You will need (4) 8 ft. 4×4 posts, (8) 8 ft. 2×4, a roll of chicken wire (25 ft.), and a package of nails. This is all you will need for a basic housing unit. The idea is to build a frame with the 2×4 and use the 4×4 posts as the legs. Once the frame is built and attached to the legs you can then cover the openings with the wire. Make sure that the floor is covered in wire as well. This will allow the rabbit feces and urine to evacuate the cage. Once this is finished you will simply need to attach a water bottle for drinking and add a food dish for eating.

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How To Care For Rabbits

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In the world of survival and prepping, there is nothing more important than having a good source of food. While many will spend their time collecting large quantities of canned goods there is another area that is often overlooked. Protein is a needed element in any diet. If you are a prepper and you are looking for a great source of protein then you need to examine the benefits of raising rabbits. Not only are these creatures a great source of meat but they are also a great way for you and your family to spend more time together. The following information will help you understand the best way to raise these animals and to properly take care of them.

First, you must have a proper cage for these animals. Many other animals hunt rabbits and wild animals will kill them if you do not properly house them. The best cages are typically 4 feet off the ground are built from wood and chicken wire. The wire is needed so that the animal can defecate and urinate without having to sit in the mess. The wire will allow the waste to fall to the ground below. Additionally, the waste makes perfect fertilizer. You will also need to keep the male and female separated. This is for two reasons. First, they will reproduce much faster than you can keep up. They can mate several times in a matter of hours. Second, the male will harm the babies once they are born. These animals will also need plenty of drinking water.

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Meat Rabbits Can Be Great Kid Project

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When most people think about rabbits, they assume they’re all raised as cute little pets that kids get for Easter and exhibit at the county fair. While some rabbits do have the luxury of going through life as some kids pet, a large batch of them are raised for commercial meat purposes. Raising meat rabbits can be a pretty good way for a kid to learn about responsibility while also earning some money.

Rabbits, especially if they’ve been handled from birth are pretty docile. Although your child might get bitten or scratched, you won’t have to worry about them getting really banged up like they could if you got them a steer or pig. Best of all rabbits are small. They take up even less space than a chicken will.

When your child decides they want to raise meat rabbits to earn some extra money they will want to invest in a few cages and get a good quality buck and doe. A young doe that’s healthy and well cared for can produce an enormous amount of babies, all of which can be butchered and sold for meat and fur.

The one thing you will want to remember when your child decides to raise meat rabbits will be that, while the startup cost is relatively low, there are some costs which can add up quickly. Costs you have to consider include:

• Housing

• Feed

• Equipment


• Processing

• Transportation

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Okay, so my husband and I told our 3 year old that we would get him a pet for his birthday. Why we said this, I have no idea, but we did. We already have a dog and a cat, so we really do not need any more little furry creatures running around the house. I have a hard enough time keeping the house clean with the previously mentioned pets, a 3 year old boy and a husband. None of which seem to be able to pick up after themselves.

One pet that we were considering getting for him is a rabbit. One thing that I liked about this particular pet is that we could keep it outside. I don’t think it would be a problem to have it inside really, but with a dog that is always chasing wild rabbits, I don’t think that I want to have to deal with indoor chases and possibly a dead pet rabbit. This leads me to think that even if we did keep it outside, there may still be a problem with the dog thinking that the rabbit is her toy.

This is why I wanted to get some advice on what type of pet to get my son. I don’t want reptiles of any kind in my house, so lizards and snakes are out of the question. He would be too young to take of them anyway. I don’t know, maybe we should just go with a gerbil or hamster and hope that it doesn’t get eaten by any other pet in the house!

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Why Rabbits Make Good Pets


I believe that rabbits make good pets and are even good pets for little children. I remember my daughter had a rabbit once she called Bayba. She loved him so very much and it actually taught her at the very young age of 5 how to care for and love an animal on her own. I gave her a lot of responsibility for taking care of this rabbit and I believe that is why she is so good with animals to this day.

Rabbits make great pets for several reasons. One of the reasons rabbits make great pets is because they are quiet. As most of you know who have dogs as pets, they can be quite loud at times and can even wake you up from sleeping when they become too loud. With a rabbit as a pet you never have to worry about them waking you up because they make tiny little sounds that will not wake up even the lightest of sleepers.

Another reason rabbits make a good choice for a pet is because they can be trained to use a litter pan just like a cat. You will not have to worry about letting your rabbit outside every time they have to go to the bathroom because all you have to do is set out a litter pan for them to use. Cleaning a litter pan is much easier than taking your pet outside all hours of the day and night.

Rabbits are also good to have around because they like to eat leftover green vegetables and fruits. Instead of throwing these items away you can make good use of them by feeding them to your pet. No need to buy special food for your pet if it is a rabbit!

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Raising Market Rabbits for 4-H

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The fact that your child has the opportunity to start raising livestock and selling it at the county fair will be just one of the ways your child will benefit from becoming a full-fledged 4-H member. Raising market animals will teach your child about responsibility and hard work, selling the livestock at the county fair teaches your child that they can’t keep everything and how hard making money can be, and the money they make from the sale can be put in savings account that they can sue at some point in the future.

The best way to introduce your very young child to raising and selling market livestock at the county fair will be with rabbits. The rabbits will be easy enough for your child to care for on their own, as long as your child starts handling the rabbit when they first get it, the odds of them getting hurt will be minimal, and unlike steers and hogs, the rabbits don’t take up much room and won’t offend your neighbors.

When selecting market rabbits for your child, you want to stick to rabbits typically use for meat such as Californians, New Zealand, and Champagne D’Argent. For young children the French White’s a good choice because they generally finish out at 6lbs and will be easier for your child to raise.

When raising rabbits for meat, you need to make sure your child supplies their rabbits with a steady supply of clean water. They’ll also want to feed the rabbit plenty of 16% fiber rabbit pellets. Refrain from feeding the market rabbits lettuce, grass, and carrots, which won’t assist in their weight gain. It takes about three months to get a rabbit ready to be butchered.

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